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Cannabis use has jumped in the United States over the last few years and today, it is one of the most common used drug in US. The increase in the use of cannabis comes from the fact that it has been legalized in many states of the United States and there is a large move and transition being made towards legalizing it in further states as well. Countries such as Canada have also made a move towards legalizing it.

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The cannabis industry has many sub sectors including the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agricultural technology, consumption products, real estate, media and cultivation. All of these sub sectors consume cannabis according to their needs and demands and therefore, end up having a trickle down impact on the overall industry and the economy as well. Moreover, main companies such as coffee companies are also venturing in the cannabis world. Second Cup, a large coffee chain, also announced that it would turn some of its coffee shops into cannabis shops where they sell cannabis related products. Second Cup is just one example of mainstream companies venturing in the cannabis world and this just shows that their scope is immense.

Figures suggest that 29 states in the US have legalized cannabis for recreational and medical purposes. The public acceptance for cannabis is also continuing to be accepted at a large pace. The emerging industry of cannabis is definitely attracting a lot of people and investors and it is going to mean big bucks for the industry in the coming run as well. It is being believed that cannabis spending is going to increase in billions in the years to come.

Cannabis both has medical and recreational uses. As far as its medical benefits are concerned, it is good for treating epileptic seizures, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and other serious medical conditions. It is also an appetite stimulant for those struggling with cancer. Cannabis for medical purposes has CBD, which has very less dependency affects. You practically cannot get addicted to CBD, which makes it all the more beneficial to use it for medical purposes.

On the other hand, cannabis for recreational use means using it for any purpose other than medical. Cannabis for recreational use has a high content of THC in it. It is different than the one for medical cannabis. However, it is important to note and realize that the scope for medical cannabis is far more far stretched, which means it can be used for a range of uses and has a broader range of uses as compared to recreational cannabis.

Cannabis has a lot of prospects as far as its medical purposes are concerned and there is no reason to doubt that its use will increase in the time to come. As more and more people get sick and cannabis gets legalized, cannabis use will increase especially for medical use. As far as the top performers of cannabis stocks are concerned, Canopy Growth Corp, Aurora Cannabis Inc., Aphria Inc., CannTrust, Supreme Cannabis Co Inc. and others lead the way. Other names such as Nutritional High International Inc., Beleave Inc., Marapharm Ventures Inc. and others are also seem to be doing well as well.

So it goes without saying and in conclusion, we can say that cannabis use has a long history and its use overtime has increased. One of the biggest pushes of cannabis use comes from the fact that cannabis has been legalized in the US and more and more countries are making transition towards it. In the coming run, cannabis use is going to further rise and its prospects for medical use are going to be high.

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