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Electronic payment giant PayPal (  PYPL 204.48 +0.14 +0.07%  ) has announced that it has started a deeper, well integrated connection with Google (  Google Inc. 1,644.41 +10.08 +0.62%  ) and its apps. As a result, users will be able to pay directly from their favorite apps such as Gmail and YouTube. For one, this move means utter convenience as users will not have to go and pay separately but access payments directly through apps.

Earlier this year, Google rebranded all of its payment services under the Google Pay banner to ensure that users can make transactions through different platforms easily. However, from that previous development, Google has now announced that it is going to have a better and much seamless connection with PayPal.

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PayPal and Google are now going to get integrated with each other deeply, where users who can add their PayPal details to their Play accounts and then, will be able to pay the bills and for other additional items, using PayPal, without having to log in to the app or log out of the Google Apps.

The integration between the two will go live by the end of this year and it has been announced that PayPal will be integrating with YouTube, Gmail and Google Store. There might be other apps in this as well but all of these apps, after the support and integration, will let users to pay through them directly.

Google and PayPal have worked together in the past as well and this isn’t the first time that they are collaborating with one another. PayPal has been a payment option in Google’s famous Google Play since 2014, where users can use it to make in store and online transactions. However, it is important to note that PayPal is not the only partner of Google in the payment world as other names such as Visa, Braintree, Cybersource and others have previously partnered with Google for its payments section.

The deal between PayPal and Google is going to benefit both companies. For Google, it means that users will not have to go to other sites to complete their payments. Usually, users leave the site and never come back again. The new payment feature will make it easier for people to pay directly at Google. On the other hand, for PayPal, it means more users using PayPal to complete their payments directly, which will increase the transaction revenues for the company.

Payments have revolutionized on the Internet over time and today, users can freely make payments by using a few clicks. Previously, without the seamless integration of both Google and PayPal, users had to take some heed and make some moves on their own. However, now, users will not have to do anything on their own because they can make payments directly using a few clicks. Overall, for the payments domain, this is a new wave of services that allow you to make transactions directly. Since people did complain before and were not that effortless in their payments, the integration between the two means a tight integration and link between two big companies that work hand in hand with one another.

The payments world is changing drastically and other companies such as Microsoft and others are making similar moves to make these interactions seamless. PayPal itself integrated with other companies such as iZettle to make sure it brings an enhanced experience to users and conquers the world of payments. Making payments through PayPal is already quite easy but with these further integrations, people will find it very easy to use Google and other apps and pay directly within the app.

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