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Crypto talent continues to get recognized as latest reports reveal that crypto talent is going to get immense pay packages or 1M USD in bonus in salaries.

According to Ripple’s chief crypto grapher, David Schwartz, one of the main developers on his team got offered two 1M USD signing bonus. The two bonuses were given by a crypto currency start up and by another block chain initiative. Schwartz, while speaking about the bonus, said that the pay packages for these crypto currencies have gotten to really insane amounts.

This goes on to show that crypto currency talent has received immense pay packages because crypto currency demand is still on a rise, despite the fact that the crypto currency is continuing to lose value.

LinkedIn, a social networking giant at the moment, revealed that about 4,500 jobs were related to bitcoin, blockchain or crypto currency in one form or the other. This is a 151% increase in the total amount of jobs related to crypto currency posted on LinkedIn in 2017. Back in 2016, only 645 such jobs were posted. What does this go on to show? The answer is simple and clear. Crypto currency demand is on the rise and people are looking for those who know their way around the currency. They need miners, specializers or anybody who has a good sense of how crypto currency works.

Elliot Lee, a high-level software engineer at famous crypto currency Ripple said that there is what seems to be over-eagerness when it comes to crypto currency. Because of this over eagerness, the product development of the currency is getting hurt. According to Bessemer Venture Partners’ Alex Ferrera, this over eagerness is affecting the pace and speed of the development of crypto currency. Moreover, Alex also said that this is affecting the launch schedules of the crypto currency as well, along with its related projects.

Lead recruiter at Blockchain Developers, Katheryn Griffith Hill, block chain developers, are at the moment, receiving a very decent amount of money based on their experience. Katheryn, while revealing statistics, said that people with 3-5 years of hands on experience are about to make half a million dollars. This is a huge amount, compared to people in the same profession but different fields. Moreover, there is also a high demand for those who are just starting out in the world of crypto currency, as people who are fresh at it at still receiving over $120,000 for their work.

There are some people who are still not happy with the way crypto currency is progressing, as Schwarz of Ripple blamed the ICO, initial coin offering for it. According to Schwarz, the ICOs have dumped a lot of money on the crypto industry, which has in turn, devalued the money in the labor market. As a result, there has been an overflow of cash in the market place.

The money has been devalued and no wonder, there has been a loss in the worth of crypto currency as well. However, for every day use and purpose, crypto currency is still the same. It is also true that the block chain experts are as a result, living what they call, the ‘dream’ right now.

Crypto currency seems to be in high demand, despite that it has lost value off late. Moreover, the demand for crypto currency employees is on a high and these people are getting salaries that are way above the current market threshold for people in the same profession. Thus, if you are someone with 3-5 years of experience in the crypto world, be prepared to receive half a million USD dollars for your work.

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