7 Stocks That Were The Highlight This Week: What To Expect In Days To Come?

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Some stocks were clearly the highlight this week and amongst these, 7 stocks were in the press for some reason or the other. If you were eyeing the stock market this week, you would know that some stocks clearly caught the attention of analysts and investors. We believe that even this week, these stocks would be the ones to watch.

So without further much a do, here are 7 stocks that stole the show in the last few days and we can also expect better things off them in the days to come.

Campbell Soup Company, (CPB)

Campbell Soup Company ( CPB 41.40 +0.97 +2.40% ) suffered a blow this week, as it’s CEO resigned immediately. Shares of the company went down by 12.4%, as they closed at $34.47. Campbell’s stock did it’s best in 2016 but since then, shares of the company of the company have dived.

AmTrust Financial Services Inc., (AFSI)

AmTrust Financial ( AFSI 14.75 0.00 0.00% ) is a multi national insurer and property company that provides coverage to small businesses. AmTrust was another outperformer this week, as its shares increased by more than 5% during after hours of trading. The share prices rose, as the 13D filing form by Carl Icahn showed a new 9.38 % stake in AmTrust.

Applied Materials Inc., (AMAT)

Applied Materials Inc. ( AMAT 135.83 +1.38 +1.03% ) is a world leader in providing materials engineering solutions for different flat panel displays and semi conductors. Applied Materials Inc. outshined this week, as it reported better than expected earnings for the 2nd quarter. However, the company did report weak sales and outlook for the 3rd quarter. The overall sentiment for the company remained strong and clearly, it was an out performer this week.

Deere & Company, (DE)

Deere & Company (  DE 389.34 +4.39 +1.14%  ) is a leading name in the industry that manufactures construction, agricultural and other materials and machinery. Analysts were hopeful about Deere & Company, as they expected it to earn $3.29 per share, on its $9.83 billion revenue during the last quarter. The company was due to release its earnings. However, during after hours of trading, Deere’s shares dropped by 1.23%, as they settled on $145 during after hours of trading.

While these four companies were the most talked about this week, other three companies that were clear highlights of the week were AstraZeneca plc, Nordstrom Inc. and Boot Barn Holdings Inc.

AstraZeneca plc., (AZN)

AstraZeneca Plc. (  AZN 58.83 -0.76 -1.28%  ) is a world leading, science led pharmaceutical business that provides innovative medicines that are used by millions of people across the globe. AstraZeneca plc. was expected to report its quarterly earnings at a value of $0.35 a share on revenue of whopping $5.24 billion before the opening bell.

Boot Barn Holdings Inc., (BOOT.N)

Boot Barn (  BOOT 83.57 -1.19 -1.40%  ) disclosed its common stock offerings at 7.2 million. The company’s shares declined by 3.14%, as they settled on $23.72 during after hours of trading.

Nordstrom Inc., (JWN)

Nordstrom (  JWN 26.52 -0.62 -2.28%  ) is a top fashion retailer that offers and provides intriguing clothes, shoes and accessories to men, women and children. Nordstrom Inc. also reported upbeat results during the 1st quarter. It’s comparable store sales increased by 0.6%. The company’s shares declined by 7.03%, as they settled on $47.33 during after hours of trading.

These 7 companies were the clear highlight this week, as investors and analysts eyed them with full rigor. Analysts expect these same companies to be in the limelight in the coming days as well and we can expect stronger performances for them, especially given the fact that these companies had been doing quite well in the last few days as well.

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